Jul 04

After the Freeze Dried Food is Gone

What happens when you have eaten through all your supplies of dehydrated, canned, and stored food?  Even the most optimistic among us should not begin eating on your stores of food without giving a thought as to what comes next. … Continue reading

Jan 13

Twenty Tips for Winter Camping

Another one from the archives. This piece was written for TGO over ten years ago. The advice still stands though so here it is again, with a few modifications (stoves designed for use with inverted canisters didn’t exist then, nor … Continue reading

Dec 09

USDA OK sending American Chickens to China to be processed and returned for consumption

So the USDA is pushing American Chickens to China to be processed and returned for human consumption? Oh my god no. What could possibly go wrong? The U.S. Department of Agriculture has recently approved four chicken processing plants in China. What … Continue reading