The Successful Survivalist’s Rules of Life


1. Carry a pocket knife. 2. Get comfortable with lighting a fire. 3. Learn to shoot and clean a gun. 4. Be able to perform basic first aid. 5. Keep your blades sharp. 6. Work hard and smart. 7. Shop at yard sales and thrift stores. 8. Exercise regularly. 9. Share with others. 10. Grow and preserve your own food. 11. Eat a balanced diet. 12. Expect that things will not go as planned. Have a backup plan. Then have a backup plan for your backup plan. 13. Value relationships. 14. Forgive freely. Allow yourself and others the opportunity to change. 15. Practice using what you have. 16. Don’t allow fear to make your decisions for you. 17. Help someone learn a skill you have mastered. 18. Be aware of your surroundings. 19. Plan for the everyday emergencies as well as “end of the world” emergencies. 20. Be grateful for what you have. 21. Get out and stay out of debt. Build an emergency fund. 22. Store food you will eat. Use it, then replace it. 23. Hug your loved ones. Every day. 24. Know potential terror targets near you. 25. Plan multiple evacuation routes. 26. Keep survival gear in your vehicle. 27. Believe in a power greater than yourself. 28. Create opportunities for your children to enjoy the outdoors. 29. Shoes matter. Own some quality hiking shoes. 30. Drink plenty of water. 31. Learn a skill you can barter with. 32. Don’t waste energy on things you have no control over. Invest your energy in the things you can control–yourself, your emotions, how you spend your time, the way you think, feel, and act. 33. Do something to further your preparedness efforts every week. 34. Include comfort foods in your food storage. 35. Have regular fire drills, change batteries in your smoke alarms. 36. Make a plan for getting home in an emergency. 37. Have more flashlights and batteries than you think you need. 38. Sleep outside. 39. Cook over a fire. 40. Make and stick to a budget. 41. Be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones. 42. Have realistic hope for the future. 43. Pray daily. 44. Know how to make water safe to drink. 45. Have life insurance and a will. 46. Learn to identify, harvest, and eat wild edibles in your area. 47. Create a library of good reference books. 48. Learn to harvest and butcher an animal for food. 49. Conserve. 50. See the good in others. 51. Preparedness isn’t a destination. Celebrate the little steps in the journey. 52. Participate in government. 53. Be able to perform basic car maintenance. Change your own oil and flat tires. 54. Know how to make something using hand tools. 55. Take care of your gear and it will take care of you. 56. Plan for those in your life who cannot take care of themselves–children, elderly, those with disabilities, pets. 57. Keep your promises. 58. Think positive. 59. Improvise. 60. Never stop learning. What would you add? Keep preparing! Angela

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