Oct 27

Worried about Internet privacy breaches? Here’s how you can protect yourself

(NaturalNews) As the old saying goes, nothing in this world is free. And nothing could be more not free than supposedly “free” services like Facebook, Google, Twitter and even your wireless carrier — all of which actively harvest your personal … Continue reading

Aug 28

Cheap and Simple Preparedness: Starting a Fire With a Coke Can.

Fire is vital to survival once the power is out, which is why we’ve had so many articles like those on types of tinder and Fire Torches. But unless you can actually start a fire, all the tinder and fire logging … Continue reading

Aug 04

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Campsite

Few things in life can beat the feeling you get when you’ve finished setting up at your favorite campsite and are ready to enjoy a weekend in the outdoors. But all it takes to see a potentially awesome camping trip … Continue reading