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If you plan to use an usual generator as a backup power source in case of EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) or grid-attack, think twice. The noise most generators make makes them looter magnets.

But the PowerWhisperer is a mobile power system designed with prepping in mind. This stealthy power supply provides power for a family when the lights go out; whether due to a storm or an EMP. Since it isn’t powered by a gasoline engine, there is no noise to alert the neighbors that you have power, while they are sitting in the dark.

Typical power generators are noisy, letting everyone around know that you have electrical power. In the aftermath of an EMP or attack on the electrical grid, that could be catastrophic, inviting attack from those who didn’t bother preparing for the emergency. As a silent system, the PowerWhisperer won’t give you and your family away.

The system consists of a high capacity, 100 amp hour, deep cycle lead-acid battery.

The battery is charged by two 50 watt, Second generation, flexible solar panels; which are stored in a compartment in the unit.

45 foot leads are provided for the solar panels, allowing you to put them on the roof or some hidden area, without giving away the presence of your PowerWhisperer.

A 2,000 watt voltage inverter provides sufficient power to run any home appliance or power tool. You can also use the 12 volt output for powering devices that are designed for plugging in to a car’s power system, such as for recharging a phone or other portable electronics.

generatorA power station, enclosed inside the unit, provide breakers and connections for drawing power from the unit, as well as a LED readout to tell you the status of the unit and its charge. Connection for the solar panels is provided in the storage compartment. You can also attach additional solar panels for faster regeneration of the system.

The entire unit is housed in a rugged, 1/16 inch thick aluminum case, mounted on two wheels, for movement like a hand truck. Lightweight and compact, the PowerWhisperer can be used for bugging in or if you are bugging out to a prepared bug-out retreat, it can be brought along.

The aluminum case is a perfect Faraday cage, protecting the components of the system from EMP. A woodland pattern camouflage net is provided for help in concealing the unit from neighbors while in use.

A compartment for storing the solar panels is also big enough for storage of radios and other small electronic devices, keeping them with the power supply, while protecting them from EMP. Made in the USA, you can be sure about the quality of this unit.

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