Privacy Apocalypse On Going: “We Know Where You Live!”


Most of the preppers were thinking they finally are getting a leg up on being ready for the imminent concerns with our dangerously fragile economy, and everything else. But the incredibly grim news is that all the preparation will mean nothing if the government does not allow you to reap the benefits of all your hard work and sacrifice.

The beginning of the end of one of our most precious liberties–the right to our physical privacy, and all that goes with it–is set to go into effect throughout the country this summer, depending upon the responsive cooperation of various state participation efforts. It is the full scale implementation of the “REAL I.D. ACT”, which stands for “National Identification and Location Registration Card.”

The bitterly sad thing is that almost nobody seems to care about this monumental infringement upon our freedoms. And the reality is that this is no longer a ’conspiracy theory’ for some future totalitarian scenario, but it is here now! Few even know what I’m talking about anymore at this point. Be honest with yourself: how many of you reading this now were even aware of this?

Some of you might recall something in past news about this ‘National I.D Card’ nonsense being brought up by obsessed agenda motivated supporters of the Patriot Act, and nobody in their right mind was for it, so it all had to get shot down, right?

Wrong. We, the People, must have missed the shot. Or maybe ”the target” had camouflage and was moving too fast below radar, and there was a deliberate intention to obfuscate the effort and ‘slip’ it through the back door of their totalitarian agenda.

Where Did It Come From?

The ’REAL I.D.ACT’ came out of the Patriot Act and all renewed or newly issued drivers licenses since 2005 required the applicants to show proof of residence (lease, utility bills, etc.) along with other personal private information.

Why would they really need all that just to know that you are a competent and safe driver? Even a more important question is why do they have to know everything about you and everything you do but there’s no transparency when it comes to ‘government activities?

A lot of ‘bad’ laws are always conveniently slipped into relatively ambiguous bills when nobody was really looking or even reading it before they voted on it. So how would most of the population know the dirty details of what the government is really doing behind our backs? They even mock us with tongue in cheek insults like Nancy Pelosi does by saying things like ”first we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”!

Essentially the ‘powers that be’ want no private citizen in this great land of the free to have the right to be alone where nobody, including the government, can find them and bother them, even if they don’t want to be disturbed! It’s absolutely imperative for an agenda based government to know everything you do, and everything you ‘might’ do in the future!

Congress passed the ’REAL I.D.ACT’ in 2005 apparently, with nary a hoot nor a holler by anybody over the  quiet, whisper-death of another private part of our lives. And many would be surprised how many so called liberty minded Republicans also voted for it.

It means that eventually every citizen will be mandated and required to have a national I.D. card to go about their daily business in society which states their real identity AND–even more importantly–their real time actual place of residence. You know, that supposedly private place where you go to lay down your tired bones and privately harbor your good stuff to keep it safe from intrusion.

Additionally your new I.D. photo picture will go into a face recognition data base. This is so they can immediately know who they are looking at when you are shopping at Walmart or taking your dog for a walk.

Your ’REAL I.D.’ will usually be your driver’s license, but if you don’t drive, this will default to a registered ‘State photo I.D.’ card. So there’s no way to avoid it unless you drop out of society completely and live isolated somewhere under a rock or something and just don’t do anything much in life anymore.

Ostensibly, the blatantly specious notion posing as the ‘public safety’ rationale for this mass destruction of our privacy was supposedly to restrict so called potential sleeper terrorists from gaining access to flights and sensitive government property. What amazes me to no end is how stupidly gullible the government must think we are with this justification. But apparently they must be correct. After all, they DID get away with it.

There were at least two congressional hearings over the past few years which determined that the Patriot Act’s mass blanket NSA spying and other fiat violations of the Constitution actually, in pragmatic reality,  did virtually NOTHING to prevent further terrorist acts or enhance public safety!

But The FBI director was all over the media with the obligatory ‘false flag’ announcement that supposedly there are at least a hundred ISIS sleeper cells ready to ‘explode’ in America  after an unverifiable social media announcement apparently by an ISIS soldier announced it. How convenient, especially since the FBI director’s purpose for the media exposure was to promote the continuation of NSA spying on all of us– in the wake of the recent higher court ruling that it violated the 4/A– for the purpose of tracking these jihadists.

Guess what?  The next day there was another media announcement that all the computers and cell phones the NSA was monitoring that supposedly belonged to ISIS related jihadists suddenly disappeared off the radar, or in Spy-speak, they went dark and invisible. So much for ANY justification or mendacious excuse for mass spying on the privacy of the people.

Why Do We Need Real I.D.Act?

All military or security sensitive government agencies already have plenty of security and steps in place and even their own I’D’ credentials to get access to sensitive or restricted locations.

I already have to show an official DOD I.D. if I want in/on certain areas of a military base of government building. They don’t need or even care to see my state driver’s license. That’s always been a standard operating procedure of basic common sense national security. For more sensitive security access you submit to a retinal scan after you’ve been thoroughly vetted.

So a potential ISIS terrorist has about as much chance being a threat accessing important  sensitive areas as an elephant has squeezing into a Sardine Can. So the government is just lying about that!

Airline flights are already screened to a point of virtual 14th century violation of your body parts with the same humiliating body cavity strip search they give to criminals entering prison. They can’t do anything more unless they put you in a straightjacket and lock you in a dog transport cage for the duration of the flight and don’t let you out until you’re off the plane!

So why do you need a Real I.D to fly anywhere?  This country is supposed to have unrestricted freedom of movement in the public venue. What’s next, signing in to your personal vehicle so the government can log where you’re driving to? We’re already pretty close to that with ‘License Plate Scanners’ being the current ‘rage’ among thieving municipalities. But that’s another big fat one.

Why would the government need to have the unrestricted authority to know exactly where to find and access any and all private citizens who are merely minding their own business, just to keep potential terrorists from doing their terrorist acts?

This is America, not a Euro-Socialist FEMA Camp or a country where even the cops aren’t allowed to have firearms, so the jumping jihad psychos can stand in the street waving their AK’s and gloating over their murderous act while the police back up and run.

Unlike elsewhere in the world, in America–despite some cops cause a lot of consternation for citizens and other cops–most of the Police understand that their primary mission is to help and protect the citizenry and can definitely rise to the capability to handle any amount of weapon wielding terrorists decisively and quickly. They did it so admirably at the art center in Texas when a 60 year old experienced cop very expertly took out the terrorists in a high speed shoot out. And under such emergencies many civilians–also well-armed–would also assist the Police if needed.

So why anyone in government would try to justify a National KGB style approach for a problem that simply doesn’t exist? And if it did, we already can handle it quite cost effectively with normal Police and public awareness practices.

4th amendmentDo they mean to insult us all by saying that you couldn’t prevent psychotic terrorists from entering a public defense building or flying on an airline without violating the 4th Amendment guaranteed sacrosanct privacy of the American free citizens?

Or might it be really just so they can come visit anyone unannounced anytime you want, to add even more abuse to the 20,000 or so annual SWAT raids on private homes every year.

And I’ll bet that most of you didn’t know that the police check the purchase ‘registration’ records of the BATF before the raids to see if you are a law abiding citizen who buys their firearms on the ATF form 4473. This is done so that they could more easily obtain a ‘No Knock’ warrant from the judge so they can bust in on you fast before you can defend yourself from the home invasion. Well, that’s not a misprint, check it out.

Didn’t the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 make federal government registration of private guns illegal? Yes, it did, but the FOPA act had a ‘loophole’ with  a reverse okey-dokey on the people in the form of not precluding the police from inquiring into the history and location of a firearm during the course of an official investigation. Essentially it is definitely still, a below radar registration system if you need any form of information to be recorded in any manner, such as a background check and form 4473, if anybody at all can use that info to learn the location of the firearm.

And that, my friends, gets us closer to the absolute truth of what is really happening here. There is no justification for a National I.D. Registration… except for one.

Smashing Your OPSEC to Pieces

Most people, by their own ’opsec’ deficiencies, are not too cautious or circumspect when it comes to allowing any Tom, Dick, or Hacker to gain access to  private information about themselves in the general sense such as phone numbers, home addresses, checking account numbers, emails, and even social security numbers. That’s why identity theft is now so prevalent causing so much financial damage to people.

This info dispersion has been pre-programmed into our social perspective ever since they first came out with credit cards and computers. Everybody takes advantage of this on the slippery slope of sheeple privacy abuse. This is bad enough, but it’s mainly our own decision, even if it’s a potentially bad choice. But when criminals and others can match up such personal info with your private residence address simply by accessing your driving information with a basic hack, you are then literally asking for the nightmare to commence.

It’s a dangerous world out there even without false flag of jihadists, and the more someone knows about your personal business and whereabouts, the more likely you will be a crime victim that will cost you far more than any false sense of security manufactured by an out of control government.

Benjamin FranklinOptimal Opsec absolutely requires that your privacy should be protected at all costs. And now the government once again puts us in harm way by violating our constitutional right to privacy, by making it dangerously easier for anyone, especially gun grabbing Police State to find us. In other words, you didn’t have to let anybody know where you lived, that was your own private business.

“Oh, but you really CAN’T do anything anymore without showing or giving your personal info anymore. You can’t pass a check, you can’t access anything. Everybody wants your SS number and your private residence address is on your driver’s license”.

Well, it wasn’t always that way and didn’t have to be like that before our privacy rights were intentionally diminished for a specific agenda. Social Security numbers are technically not legally a requirement for anything except banking transactions involving IRS reporting, and the credit reporting agencies if you need to use credit. There’s no law stating a business can’t ask you, but it’s not mandatory, and you can’t be discriminated against for not wanting to give it out.

And the law was always that police had to have a warrant or at least good probable cause to go searching for your SS and other personal private information unless you volunteered the info in consent.

Also, until the ‘REAL I.D. ACT, there never was a law that absolutely required your actual primary physical domicile on your driver’s license or any other I.D. You were required to have ’an’ address to send your license plate info to drive and other correspondence related to that if you wanted your plates and license delivered, but it could be your parent’s house or your mailing address or a PO box or any other address you wanted to get your mail correspondence delivered to. Or you could just apply in person at the DOT office and take care of business first hand.

What if you were a ‘working homeless person’ which was more common than you think, or a nomadic travel trailer wanderer, and you didn’t live in an apartment or house?

Think about truck drivers, or those young ones starting out–lived out of motel rooms, with family/friends, or back pack tents when not living in their truck sleeper, because it was a waste of money to rent an apartment or own a home when you only would spend a couple days a month close enough to use it. It was common practice for a driver to get a Post Office box in a conveniently traversed State and use that for their mail/contact address, etc, and be able to have that on your driver’s license.

With the new ’REAL I.D.’ law that’s no longer allowed. And the government lackey known as the USPS is also one of the regimes secret policing agencies, and now they are beginning to implement new in house policy changes mandating verification of private residency if you want to rent a P.O. Box. And, without a warrant, police are allowed to scrutinize the Post Office’s customer records anytime they feel like it, and even examine the mail you are receiving, as long the police mention that it’s part of an investigation.

But what if you are being stalked, have a death threat against you, or had a bad experience with identity theft so you want to  exercise your right to keep yourself and your whereabouts completely private now, or you just decide you want to drop out for a while and away from ‘humans’ and be left alone? You know, like Jesus did when he split to the remote desert to meditate and didn‘t tell anybody exactly what mountain cave he was going to camp out in.

So what if you don’t want anybody–except maybe God– to know where you live and what you do in the privacy of your own domain? Or, how about the government just not being allowed to know where we live mainly because it’s just none of anyone’s freaking business anyway in a free society to find out every dime you have so they can eventually take it away from you? Not to mention that this is supposed to be one of your essential guaranteed and lawfully protected constitutional rights!

How Did We Fall for This?   

NSAYou have to understand clearly what they want, because the methodology they deploy to gradually control and enslave us is as clever as it is sinisterly convoluted.

They want to know details of where you drive 24/7, who you talk to, what you buy…and they want to know what you think!

Ooops, and I almost forgot if I just didn’t hear Rand Paul reminding me of the fact that they’ll throw in some additional ‘Extreme Crime Prevention’ in the form of seizing any cash assets they find on you because they ‘believe’ the assumption that it has to be from drug money or other illegal commerce under the Asset Forfeiture laws now in place which Rand is trying to stop.

And be careful complaining about it and mouthing off to the police after they seize your slot machine Casino winnings or your church’s collection money you were taking to the bank just because it’s suspicious otherwise. They will construe you to be mentally ‘unstable’ and they will want to know if you have any guns to seize them also, without constitutional due process or a warrant.

How do they get away with that? We let them! Yes, WE, the Sheeple, obsequiously give them subservient permission by consenting to waive our constitutional rights allowing them to make constitutionally questionable laws.

What I just described is how a rapidly slipping down the slope of corruption out of control government will keep themselves unconstitutionally funded for as long as we let them get away with it. Today governments exist only for the perpetuation of their own self-interest and profit. We are their milking sheeple for that purpose.

History has proved that the only way to stop an out of control tyrannical ruling government is to get rid of it either by voting it out or throwing it out. In his country we usually can vote it out. but just in case, our Constitution requires that all citizens have complete access to the necessary force multiplying resources to accomplish that, if absolutely necessary.

The LAST Straws of Liberty

Recently the SCOTUS came through on sustaining our Constitutional Liberty by declaring the NSA spying on citizens to be illegal. As relieving and inspiring as this is, it barely mitigates the incessant inundation of back-door and below radar attempts to usurp our right to privacy. A lower court recently upheld the authority of police to randomly monitor our cell conversations and locations because we supposedly acquiesce and automatically consent to the Cell phone companies in allowing our conversations to be transmitted in a public environment. Therefore a warrant is not necessary!

It’s kind of a circumlocutory logic that defies common sense but does a good job of cheating on us. And in furtherance of this anti-2/A premise, will this eventually mean that anything we do anywhere that exposes ourselves to others will be considered ‘public domain’ and will be the green light for the government to spy on us with even more intrusion as well

And THAT is what it’s all about.  The government does not want to fear us, they want to control us, and they want US to Fear THEM. They need to dominate us if they want to continue their agenda based profit plans to squeeze the life worth out of the citizenry for their own power gain.

So the control part of it MUST eventually go a bit further. The main manifestation of all the spying, all the surveillance, all the tracking and privacy invasion, has but one ultimate purpose.

The Real Reason They Want to Know Exactly Where We Live…

… is to deprive us of our private firearms. They absolutely NEED to eventually seize and confiscate our 2nd Amendment guns to facilitate and complete their totalitarian control agenda.  I say 2nd Amendment guns because it’s not about hunting, or sporting, or self-defense, and the 2/A never was about that either. It was only about preventing just what the government is doing now.

It all started way back in 1934 with the original NFA ACT, then the ‘68 GCA, then the 1986 civilian Machine Gun Act ban, then the Patriot Act,  NSA Spying, and so on.

Just recently a leftist radical Congresswoman from New Jersey, ignoring the smack down they just received trying to ban so called AP 5.56 ammo, took the liberty of deciding for us that we need another shot at banning ammo by putting in a bill requiring registration, and eventual restriction,  of all ammo sales over the Internet. And they’ve got quite of few legislators backing it. Talk about hard to kill Zombies!

So that’s all it’s about, folks.  They want to eliminate all potential for physical civil disobedience and counter force resistance to the inevitable cycle of absolute tyrannical power control.

Once that is achieved, there is nothing to stop them from doing what they want. Elections will become co-incidental to their objective because the behemoth government regime will simply have control of all the money anyway and even YOUR tax Money. To do this effectively they must know what you purchased, and then, much more importantly, WHERE you have your guns.

Ultimately It Will Happen Like This…

It’s the summer dog days of 2017 with draught stress high, a badly inflated economy, and resulting social racial unrest dangerous in many parts of the country. And while we were all still waking up from our delusional comfort zone, Hillary’s first official Executive Order Mandate as POTUS was to declare a National State of Emergency after a series of ISIS style covert attacks on our grid system. FEMA Camps were ordered fully operational for national security.

By this time most of the Democratic states and far too many than we thought Republican states had caved and already passed universal background checks and private transactions between citizens in most of the country now required a paper trail like Louisiana has.

The gun show ‘loopholes’ were closed nationwide and Ammo was severely restricted by ATF and EPA toxic lead standards mandates which brought new gun commerce to a screeching halt among the populate and drove private party transactions underground into the black market. The national assault weapons ban was also re-instated and all citizens possessing such a firearm, and the attendant Hi-Cap magazines, shall voluntarily turn these in or be considered in criminal violation and immediately subject to forcible seizures and punishment.

Many scoffed and resisted in the belief that there were already too many guns out there in the hands of resisting citizens to keep the police from mass confiscations. And there simply wasn’t enough police or even military to control everyone and conduct blanket house to house searches. But we already slept too late on too many mornings in the past on that one also. The New NSA Metadata collection and analysis facility in Utah had been completed and was now up and ‘spying’ with one very special tool that changed everything in the world–Quantum Computers.

The Gun Grabber government understood the psychology of gun owners, especially the more ‘Patriotic’ ones and were just waiting patiently for ‘everything’ to fall in place in terms of the ‘tools of tyranny’ to achieve their obscenely tyrannical agenda.

After her National Emergency declaration Hillary instructed expanded covert alphabet agencies to commence the final stages of the population disarmament agenda for which they had already been in preparation for months. Hillary then ordered blanket Martial Law across the land with which most States were only too eager to comply for the reciprocity stimulation of federal funding.

Under vastly restricted public movement due to curfews now easily tracked and enforced with the ubiquitous expansion of public cameras with facial recognition technology, and license plate recognition and vehicle tracking, there was nowhere to even go, without getting tracked and stopped. They even knew where you were ‘going’ before you even knew! Military and Police were ordered to demand “Identification and location papers, please…”   of anyone they deemed suspicious and to set up travel checkpoints and do random stops as often as possible.

New A.I. algorithmic programs from the ‘god’-computer instantly tracked any and all citizens based on what they did on the internet, what they purchased, and any other detail of data available in cyberspace concerning private or public transactions, including phone calls with a traceable trail for the last 10 years. Then they came up with a profile of ALL persons likely to be anti-government inclined protesters or 2/A patriots almost instantly. And on top of the list were those most likely to have the most guns and use them.

The profiles would include potential ringleaders and ‘gun nuts’ likely possessing multiple firearms by data analysis. Also the criteria for ownership would be enhanced to preclude Combat Vets, people with psychological issues and several other non-criminal, but potentially dangerous to society by government standards, now creeping in to even the BATF’s new firearms purchase forms revised back in 2015.

Then they would come unannounced and knocking quietly at first, informing you that if you declined consent to search they will come in anyway, like they did chasing the Boston bombers. And if you protest too vociferously, you will be detained and sequestered at a FEMA Camp. They’ll have the latest wall penetrating radar and x-ray imaging detectors, etc.  If they find any firearms weapons you were supposed to turn in by Martial Law orders, you will be automatically arrested. They will also be checking you against a ‘potential enemy of the State terrorist list’, and almost any multiple gun owner could qualify.

But the main idea would be to break the back of any possible leadership for armed resistance to the government enslavement of the people by seizing the guns of the most able first patriotic responders. Combat trained Vets with PTSD and their family members will be near the top of the list, as well.

Thomas JeffersonIf you saw it coming and hid your main guns well away from your ‘REAL I.D. home’ but they have the metadata records indicating your likely ownership, they’ll not stand for the defense of ‘I’ve sold or gotten rid of them’.

They’ll request you take a new form of Lie Detection Test which now includes an enhanced brain electrode helmet. It will take less time to determine if you are lying or not then it takes to do a DUI field test and they will even give your children the test. You will have only one chance to give up your ‘illegal’ firearms or you will be threatened that your entire family will be taken to camps and separated.

So what good would your hidden weapons be anyway, if you can’t access them? The government also enacted a ‘Peace for Profit’ neighborhood watch program which paid people to assist government Martial Law efforts with any helpful information to be kept confidential, of course.

Any dreams of ‘Jeffersonian Revolution’ were decisively, quickly, and completely crushed into nightmares of reality.

Within a surprisingly short time, the end will have come…and gone, and although many groups still managed to march in the streets unarmed in limited token rebellious  defiance, they were easily ’handled’ with the new Sonic Mob Control devices and herded and arrested before any momentum could be gained. Some even managed to still have weapons but were vastly outgunned and unmercifully overwhelmed by anti-terrorist shock troops and police. After all, the police and military were ordered to attack potential ‘terrorists’, not law abiding American citizens. So they obeyed orders.

By Martial Law Emergency Executive Fiat, the 2nd and 4th Amendments were indefinitely suspended. The Government Gun Control disarmament mission was completed. The once proud and staunch armed American free citizenry was now totally emasculated… We had nobody to blame but ourselves.

Is There Any Hope?

The National I.D. Card law is in full implementation bias. They succeeded in putting the final unholy nail into the coffin within which they will bury our freedoms in a forlorn, eventually unmarked, forgotten grave. We cannot afford to let them continue digging that grave.

So we have one last chance left, people. Pound these ineffectual dysfunctional politicians who are supposed to represent our liberty interests until they get it straight! Let them know now that we don’t need no Patriot Act, NSA, or National I.D. Card! Tell them to vote to end the NSA spying and everything else that violates our Constitutional rights! The ultimate obligation of a true American patriot is not just to prepare and become self-reliant, the primary duty of everyone is to preserve our freedom.

Even the wise Judge Andrew Napolitano said that he can’t understand why there isn’t massive public outrage at the NSA and other privacy violating agencies unlawfully spying on us and destroying our inalienable rights. And why most of us sit quietly and seem to ignore it? Well, Judge, it’s because this government propaganda mind control system is so good at the bad things they do, that they even made Edward Snowden out to be a bad guy who was ‘just making up stuff that was never happening’.

Remember in the Congressional hearings when the Head of the CIA looked the Senator straight in the eye and lied when he said “We are not spying on innocent citizens”. Maybe he meant we’re all guilty because we own guns? Unfortunately we all are not as a whole that good at resisting indoctrination and mind control.

Remember, too, that it is not just a partisan problem. The Patriot Act was developed under the Bush Administration, and ALL government, no matter which party base is in power, wants the same thing from us once they cave to the ultimate drug addiction of totalitarianism. They want to take all we got, and everything we will ever have.

There’s an even more transparent proof indication that busts them out to their knees. They are obsessed with knowing your direct and exact address to easily access your guns and survival stash, but they don’t want you to be able to prove where you live, or anything relative to your right to vote! Otherwise you’d be too easy to catch doing voter fraud. In other clear words, you don’t need a National I.D. CARD to prevent manipulating elections, but you DO need one to buy a gun. A gun that should be none of anyone’s business but your own! How can this not be ringing those alarm bells in the backs of everybody’s brains yet?

We must proactively contact our representatives now and tell them to kill the Patriot Act especially and specifically the NSA spying section 215 they are voting on shortly. And while we’re at it, tell them to get ready to vote to kill Leftist New Jersey Rep Bonnie Watson’s illegal “Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act’ bill, and get ready to repeal the Real I.D. Act, and other treasonous laws as soon as we can.

We must never, ever, in our liberty loving lives, for the sake of the future of humanity, allow them to replicate the dreaded threat the Mafia always used to intimidate and terrorize people by saying ”We KNOW where you live!”

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