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As a former detective and investigative researcher, my interest always gets piqued when I hear of untimely celebrity deaths. These situations are invariably not as they seem.

After the obligatory ‘sanitized’ public obituaries, there’s usually “the rest of the story”. Often it’s an old, well known killer like substance abuse.  Sometimes depression, hopelessness, or misadventure from a life style far exceeding the rationale speed limit of society.

But the recent demise of the iconic music entertainers Merle Haggard and Prince, stretches the outer limits of reality and sanity to reveal something so evil…that even the most intrepid conspiracy bloodhounds would retch in revulsion from the super suspicious mephitic stench wafting from the darker issues accompanying these unfortunate deaths.

Just to remember, both happened to be anti-government Chemtrail Activists, which included Chemtrail concerns voiced in the form of television appearances by Prince Roger Nelson, and even a song written about Chemtrails by Merle Haggard. There were rumors that the two rich and famous entertainers were thinking about a world concert tour to bring mass attention to an esoteric but potentially one of the most horrifically sinister plots against humanity the world has ever seen.

Of course this would be bad news and blues for the current regime Powers That Be during the critical political election months ahead. That would be worse than Benghazi during the last election countdown. They couldn’t have that happen, could they?

If the truth exposed even a ‘smidgeon’ of the horrors some people think are associated with the Chemtrail spraying operations, that would be the end of the regime, politically, if not the tearing down of the whole psychopathic population cleansing government apparatus?

Video first seen on ConstitutionLost.

“LOOK, up in the sky!  It’s a bird, it’s a plane-with a Contrail-No…it’s SUPER TRAIL!”

Hard to believe that most people up until maybe a year or so ago still didn’t believe in Chemtrails. Even if people heard of them they simply dismissed the phenomenon as really just Contrails from jet engine exhaust that silly paranoid conspiracy theorists imagine are clouds of deadly chemical sprays.

But ubiquitous and large scale chemical spraying from large dedicated jetliners is done every single day in the U.S. or somewhere else in the world. Chemtrails DO exist, and this can now be proven above and beyond all reasonable doubt. The latest physical evidence is incontrovertible.  Anyone can find them, because they are right under our noses.  Or should I say our noses are right under the Chemtrails…

I personally attribute the abject universal obliviousness by the average person to a major phenomenon like large airplanes spraying unfathomable amounts of white cloudy trails of super fine nano-particle chemical dust poison to the simplest causes.

People simply do not look up in the sky that much, if at all? Especially city people, or people who spend a lot of time indoors. And even people who work outdoors are more often concentrating on looking ahead or down on what they are doing than watching the clouds go by.

Add in that spraying is more often done on bright sunny days, where nobody stares up too long at the sun anyway, and the fact that they start to resemble natural clouds pretty quickly, it actually takes some effort to pick up on them initially if you never were aware of them before.

Add in that the government and its cohort the MSM never talk about Chemtrails because Chemtrails are the 800-pound skunk in the environmental theatre room. In the beginning, when they first started spraying in heavy concentrated agenda format, these spraying activities were even outright denied by the government, and scoffed off as the pipe dreams of conspiracy theorist pot parties.

Those of us who were pilots, and weather experts knew they existed because we knew the difference, since the difference between a Contrail and a Chemtrail is obvious. Contrail is just the residual hydrocarbons and sulfates and other so-called micro debris from the engine exhaust which condenses ambient humidity and immediately freezes, forming a whitish trail at that altitude behind a jet, but then melts when the sun hits it. The Contrail follows the jet for only a short time so it never gets long.

The deleterious Chemtrails that stay in the air all across the visible sky leaving a noticeably long trail that slowly dissipates sideways, not evaporating, but spreading into each other from many traversing overlapping passes in a target area, eventually turning the clear cobalt blue morning sky into a dull disease colored dirty grey blur by afternoon are NOT Contrails. The amount of engine exhaust residue needed to even come close to creating what is happening from each plane, would have to be so voluminous as to be more material than the entire fuel payload being burned!



Yet there are government websites ostensibly pretending that these occurrences as merely different types of normal engine exhaust Contrails, which happen to be dispersed on excessively humid days, thus accounting for the massive cloud formations they produce.

Of course, if that were true, they’d have to shut down the entire airline industry for excessive dangerous pollution of the world if the engines could even remotely be that “dirty”.  And they’re not so dirty anymore for exactly that reason.

Plus, the facts are all scheduled airline flights have regular routes. So why do you see these on certain days in where there’s very low relative humidity in areas where virtually no commercial jetliners have overhead flights, planes flying overhead in an exercise that literally looks like a major strike force scale B-52 bombing run over Viet Nam? Back and forth, oblique and cross!  Then they all go off and away, and disappear in the same direction!

But with the internet slowly but surely getting the word out along with pictures of Chemtrailing by private citizens over their homes, which amount to far too much evidence for even the automatic government censorship to obfuscate, it becomes too suspicious and difficult for standard UFO type disavowing and dismissal to occur by the government anymore.

Lyin’ Fed

So at this point the damage control faction of the regime had the stun grenade flash bang bright idea that they could do the cover-up by connecting the spraying ops to their global warming agenda. Why not? When you have one foot already in the BS, the other foot is the next likely step deeper in the crapshoot?

So, they finally broke loose with a tacit but not confirmed admission that scientists are experimenting with a new form of global warming greenhouse gas solution known as SRM (Solar Radiation Management). Ostensibly, to keep us all from frying like sizzling strips of crispy bacon and dying of draught induced thirst.

The idea they want you to buy, if you’re into buying Crocodile infested swampland these days, is to spray nano-chemicals which include brain deadening Aluminum-barium particles among other non-disclosed chemicals, to save civilization from global warming by blocking the sun’s deadly radiation, and reflecting it out back into space.

The Funeral

If you do the research, supposedly but not surprisingly, seems like Monsanto somehow had their dirty little GMO stained fingers handling the chemistry involved in spraying ops early on when they were originally involved. But they then passed it off on the military to keep it legitimately shrouded in secrecy, and immune for censorship because of its military applications—like weather and germ warfare experiments– for “national defense and security”.

Okay, yup. A lot of us were born at night. But NOT last night!

But some extremely interesting information came out when some prominent scientists started doing environmental tests and documentaries, at least on YouTube. He thoroughly exposed the dangers to the population and environment by this wantonly destructive mass chemical poisoning, under government control, without any plausible proof beyond a reasonable doubt of any form of dangerous global warming actually happening.

Which ran the gamut of everything from one out of every 30 male infants being born coming down with Autism in the heavily sprayed areas of large metropolitan Texas, to suspicious sudden depletion of the honey bee populations since heavy spraying commenced (which directly impact crop productions), unexplained increase in respiratory diseases in the general population, and unusual catastrophic storms with extraordinary flooding and damage, which point directly to measurable co-incidental results of this spraying.

And of course the additional sinister “conspiracy theorist” motives like intentional Eugenic-type population control through a genetically/chemically induced engineering and mind control through the use chemical inhalants. Also accomplished by Chemtrailing.

When you think about it, what better vehicle for germ warfare than the use of ultrafine micro contaminants virtually invisible, and spread–oh, so silently! –and innocuously in the air, against a target enemy population?

Slowly and surely, you’ll get them in your system. Because with Chemtrails, there’s nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.

And now we have “Chemtrail Flu?!”

Video first seen on The Alex Jones Channel.

“The wicked spies upon the Righteous and seek to kill him…” – Psalms 37:32

So when widely popular advocates like Prince and Merle who stood up for the survival of the people took on the Chemtrail cause,  it looked like a tipping point might be reached where the world would finally wake up to an obscene threat that was hell bent to become the Grim Reaper of the 21st Century?

But then suddenly, mysteriously, and suspiciously, BOTH Merle AND Prince–were DEAD?   Within only a couple short weeks of each other! Quick, someone calculate the odds of that?

I’ll say this first:  If it slithers like a snake, and if it bites you like a snake, and you die of “suspicious, out of place, causes” that bear the sinking weight of integrated objectivity, it becomes an exercise in submission to mental enslavement to believe it is a harmless lovebird gliding gently on the air currents of coincidence. Especially when all roads, or trails, also travel back to government connections.

“The probability of a certain set of circumstances coming together in a meaningful or tragic way is so low that it simply cannot be considered ‘mere coincidence’.” – V.C. King

It is my not so humble opinion that there might be much more to this than mere coincidence. Unless you consider the fact that the similarly very stinking circumstances and timing of Justice Scalia’s death is just a hyper conspiracy theory type suspiciousness over nothing more than co-incidental “natural” causes.

His death immediately changed the entire course of future 2nd Amendment and privacy rights cases, in favor of the gun confiscating group, and effectively opened the door for the worst anti-Constitutional legislating-from-the-bench imaginable that had already been carefully put in place by legislators. This is patiently waiting in the form of “sleeper Bills” designed to wipe out the 2nd & 4th Amendment personal freedoms once and for all, depending upon whether or not the third Reich of the Obama regime expands in power next November.

There’s a lot of information out there on Chemtrails if you want to keep yourself eyes wide and terrified late into the night reviewing it. The most condensed but comprehensive source is an article from Guns America website by Paul Helinski about Jade Helm that should answer all your questions (you’ll find it in the References section below).

The Eulogy

Sometimes in life it takes a sad tragedy to elevate humanity as a whole to higher consciousness for the ultimate salvation of the species. Prince and Merle gave us the wonderful gift of musical pleasure and that was cruelly lost when their celebrity outspokenness may have been sacrificed for the preservation of proprietary agenda based evil.

Hopefully this information stimulates people to demand that their representatives start getting “Fast and Furious” open answers from the government concerning the actual truth of this highly suspicious national danger in the form of virtually covert SRM chemical spraying, and poisoning of our population and natural resources without the permission of the people being harmed!

It is also our duty as Free Americans to keep an out-of-control government reigned in for the future safety and survival of our children. I think Prince and Merle would smile upon that from beyond… It’s the least we can do in return for what they gave us.

May they rest in a quantum of eternal peace, a never diminishing magnificence of heavenly melody, and a sublime, spiritual solace.


Source : survivopedia.com


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