Tips On How To Rebuild Your Life And Career After Addiction

I wouldn’t trade my worst day in sobriety for my best day getting high, but life is not always easy and fun. I’m not suggesting you go to the doctor and say I need as many pills as you can give me Doc. But if you and your doctor discuss taking something for mental health, that’s fine, and that’s no one else’s business except you and your doctor. I spent the majority rebuilding your life after addiction of my life refusing to ask people for help because I was “a tough guy” who didn’t need help. YEA RIGHT. I was an IDIOT who tried to do everything on my own and hide my feelings. This mentality leads me to great levels of depression and more drug use. During addiction, we pumped our brain full of foreign substances that confused our brain’s reward systems.

A holistic program helps you not only overcome your addiction but also helps you with these other areas that need to be addressed in your recovery. You are finally free from the control that drugs or alcohol have had on your life, and now you must direct your energies toward your life after addiction.

rebuilding your life after addiction

Oftentimes, people must repair relationships with family members, spouses, friends, and even their own children. We believe in treating not just the addiction but the relationships between loved ones as well. If you or a loved one needs help for substance abuse, contact JourneyPure today. Don’t let things pile up in your relationship until you’re ready to explode. If you’re going to fight, make sure that you fight fair. Don’t bring up the fact that your loved one has a certain point of view because they are an addict or in recovery. Going for help is a positive thing and should never be used against someone to tear them down.

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It’s not enough to tear down the dysfunction in your life, though — you must rebuild something in its place. rebuilding your life after addiction This blog is for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for medical advice.

rebuilding your life after addiction

Spending your time focusing on work can give you a renewed sense of worth and a way to fill your time. It’s okay to reassess your professional goals after rehab — in fact, it’s preferable. You need to earn a living, but how you do that can be quite different than it was before. You know more about your strengths, abilities and desires now than you did before. Use that information to adjust your perspective on your career.

Disengage From Toxic People

This can be the most stressful part of building a new life after drug addiction. The drive to succeed professionally actually causes a lot of mental illness, and it could be the fastest means to a relapse after rehab. Keep in mind everything you learned about yourself in rehab when attempting to throw yourself back into the work environment.

rebuilding your life after addiction

Speak with your loved one and agree that, after a certain point, they will not hold past events against you and, at the same point, you will not feel guilty about choices you made. You and your loved one both deserve a fresh start to rebuild your relationship. If your addiction got you in trouble with law enforcement, your loved one may hold onto the way that experience made them feel. Whether they fronted money for your bail and other legal fees or were upset by your being arrested—there are many emotions that may have fractured your relationship. Denying the pain — Your loved one hurt you during their time as an addict.

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It may be that you feel you’ve done too much damage to ever dream of getting your life back, or that you feel so out of your element that you don’t know where to begin. Rebuilding your life after addiction means that you are not doing things the same way you did during active addiction, and your actions are a direct result of your thoughts.

  • In the meantime, focus on rebuilding your life after addiction and keeping up good habits as well.
  • They saw I was on time, going to meetings, paying my bills, exercising, just overall being a better person.
  • Many people emerge from relapse with a fresh scare regarding what they are up against, as well as a deeper commitment to becoming sober.
  • I owe so much gratitude for the way they loved me when I was not ready to love myself.
  • I have recently had somewhat simular situation as you.
  • In other cases, family members endured much emotional ups and downs witnessing family members abusing substances and going through withdrawal.

Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. If a major change seems like too much, break it down into smaller acts, and choose to do one a day or one a week, whichever you feel you’ll follow through on. Everyone has things they would like to change in their own lives, or in the lives of those around them, but for people with addictions, change happens in stages. Even if the other person does not express their gratitude, you can bask in the good feeling of having helped another person. You may also consider volunteering to help others in recovery.

Starting Over After A Drug Addiction

Some people have major legal challenges or financial problems early on. Do not let these obstacles overwhelm you or deter you from quitting drugs. You will get through each of these issues and put them behind you, one by one. In evaluating your progress, you realize that you have started a business and it is not losing money. Imagine being several years out from your last time using drugs. You may at times feel frustrated, because you think you are behind schedule on achieving a major goal.

rebuilding your life after addiction

Follow the rules and do what’s expected of you to help make loved ones view the present and form more practical standards moving forward. Assures teens with parents who abuse alcohol or drugs that, “It’s not your fault!” and that they are not alone. Encourages teens to seek emotional support from other adults, school counselors, and youth support groups such as Alateen, and provides a resource list. Maybe you want to completely give up the substance you’ve been addicted to for at least 5 years. Or, maybe you want to help others struggling with the same addiction one day. When you think about what is important to you in the future, you can create a path for getting there.

Excellent Books To Find Inspiration In Rebuilding Your Life After Addiction

And then one night, a coworker asks you to grab a drink after work. That’s the last thing you remember when you wake rebuilding your life after addiction up in the hospital the next morning. Everyone starts from a different place when putting down drugs or alcohol.

The unfortunate reality is that breaking someone’s trust is much easier to do than restoring it. To repair family relationships after rehab, you have to be prepared to put in the time to maintain the trust you’ve rebuilt. The nature of the strategies for rebuilding relationships post-rehab depends largely on the type of relationship that needs repairing.

When you’re in a relationship with someone who’s actively addicted to drugs, everything becomes about that person. Alcohol abuse Try to understand that your family members’ lives revolved around you and your problems for quite a while.

You’ll meet other people in recovery and learn about healthy ways of living from people who are consciously doing it. You will enjoy rebuilding your life after addiction when educating yourself is a part of it. When you’re recovering from addiction, you spend a lot of time learning about both yourself and the addiction that was robbing you of the experience of living your life. SAMHSA’s mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America’s communities. When a substance consumers your life, it’s hard to be as invested in the other parts of life. This is why one of the most important early recovery skills is finding those standards and values again.

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