Obama Knows That The USA Dollar Will Collapse in 2014 – Thus the USA Will Collapse in 2014 and FEMA/DHS is Preparing – The Only Hope to Delay Collapse is War – Here we Explain Exactly Why the Dollar Will Collapse in 2014


Well its’ been re-hashed, … as long as the US Petro-Dollar is secure the FED-RES [ Bernanke ] can be the sole buyer… of the USA t-bond which is how the Government pay’s its bills every month, by that we’re talking about welfare checks, food-stamps, and cop payroll and pension.The chinese & russians even if they wanted to DUMP all 2-3+ Trillion dollars they are sitting on [ trade balance that china/russia are holding and need to liquidate ASAP ] it’s going to take 5-15 years [clock started 2007], which is why china bought 1,000 tons of gold this past year, they’re trying to move their US-PAPER (toilet paper ) to Gold, e.g. real money ASAP.

But the rhetorical question here ‘WHO’ will buy in the future, is already known, as the sole buyer this past year has been the FED-RES, nobody human at least on this planet has bought anything issued by the US Government for a long time.

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All of us are simply waiting for the Petro-Dollar to die, then everything collapses because Federal Reserve Notes will be worthless then USA will collapse, because there will be no food-stamps that have value to import food.

The main reason for the Syrian War is to force Qatar/Saudi to keep selling their OIL for USD, because EUROPE would rather buy that OIL delivered by GAZPROM and pay EUROS

The USA is fucked, …

But this question of WHO will buy US-BOND’s, … is nobody but the Federal Reserve Bank.

usaCIA is NOT Christian, the MOSSAD is NOT Jewish.  This WAR is not about JUDAISM or Christianity. This WAR is about CIA/MOSSAD and the OIL-MAFIA aka Bush-Saudi, going back to the 1920′s. Israel has always been a ‘proxy’ puppet controlled by the CIA/MOSSAD, just like the USA.So real question is not who will buy in the future, there is nobody, but the current question of interest is where are we now in the liquidation, of the prior savings that the were held by the Chinese & Russian in US Dollars. Prior estimates were 10-15 years, as if you DUMP too quick the dollar collapses, and the chinese don’t want to lose money, and they’re buying GOLD as quick as they can, but too quick and gold goes up.

Me thinks that give a 1,000 tons were bought this year that the 10-15, should now be 7 years, and given that liquidation started in 2007, that put’s D-DAY IMHO to be 2014, which is probably why OBAMA and team are going bat fuck nut’s and FEMA has started prepping for civil-war in the USA.

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CIA is NOT Christian, the MOSSAD is NOT Jewish. CIA/MOSSAD Oil Mafia going back to Prescott Bush in the 1920′s has destroyed the USA and Israel, and now the world has turned on the USA.


Murders in Syria with CIA weapons ( all weapons are chemical ), is just a trial run for the coming killing fields of America.


obama AIPAC

How much GOLD is 1,000 tons?

Just think about this the entire amount of GOLD sucked from the ground last year a little over 2000 tons, thus CHINA is BUYING most of the GOLD as quick as anybody can extract it from the ground, if they buy more than this the price goes up.

In the past China was only buying a small percentage of world production, now they’re buying close to 50%.

Guy’s that write books have been talking shit forever, and folks peddling gold&silver, … hucksters.

I have no profit from this analysis, just stating the obvious.

It was long ago established the USA was going down, that the dollar was finished but the USA politicians always ‘kicked the can down the road’. Back in 2007 when the US government collapsed the CIA determined it would take the China and other T-Bond holders 15 years to liquidate, as the CIA said “We got them by the balls, .. if they sell quick they lose, .. “

Something went terribly wrong, … in the past 5 years the Chinese purchased of GOLD went from normal to massive purchase of GOLD, so China went 10X in terms of purchase,… the CIA has been caught with their pant’s down on this one.

“You have been hearing the dollar will collapse since 1972″, that’s when it went off the gold-standard and guy’s like Ron Paul started telling the truth. Ever since it was kick the can down the road, during the 1980′s the CEO’s liquidated all private pensions and bought homes in Italy. Now 2013 there is nothing left to steal in the USA, Obama is what we call an Auctioneer, an Estate Sale, … the USA is already dead and Obama is selling War’s and anything he can.


Think of the USA as a balloon full of hot-air, and the MSM as PT Barnum keeping to fill, but once the game is up, and it is now, then it implodes the MSM goons go to their retirement homes in Israel, the CEO’s fly to Italy and Spain, and the USA public is holding the bag of debt.

It’s going to be ugly, and yes tomorrow never comes, but then it does come, in all of history the average paper money last’s 27 years, the US paper if you consider 1972 as a reset, is way over due for a new reset. Back in 1930 the USA was still rich in oil and lumber. Back in the 1970′s the USA still was rich in employment and investments as such.

Now in 2013 the USA has been stripped to the bone, and really a meth whore, a corpse of a great nation.

Once all the other nations such as China are no longer holding USA debt then the world will be free of the ‘policeman’. The USA public will be the last to know, but so were the Germans the last to know. Then comes the world to demand retribution on the remaining people living in the USA, and I guarantee you all that the folks that robbed and destroyed the USA will be long gone.

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