If anyone features ideas for various other add-ons to incorporate, please publish your opinions.

If anyone features ideas for various other add-ons to incorporate, please publish your opinions.

A brand new place is included in variation 1.7.2 – coastline, with a brand new shop attempting to sell barbecue grill snacks, and a fresh accessory product (seashell). I am presently incorporating different items that are accessory. Current things: bear hairpin, red bow, green bow, dual bow, elegant bow. Them all are available from gashapon capsules, which is often purchased from gashapon devices or gotten as being a award after doing the video game.

If anyone has actually recommendations for various other http://hookupdates.net/pl/serwisy-randkowe-dla-motocyklistow/ add-ons to incorporate, please publish your thinking.

A brand-new dating spot is added in variation 1.7.7 within the coastline location. The girls will wear their beach swimsuits, which are different for each girl while dating in this location.

Current revisions: a feature that is new college accommodation (you can retire for the night here and go to following day); large results now could be inspected within the accommodation (in place of primary selection); with regards to the existing love interest, you should have a portrait of one’s preferred woman over the bed in the room; a fresh function – product demand. While walking on the town with a woman, she may periodically request a treat (additional closeness extra if you will get her that snack); speaking with the fortune-teller has become no-cost (limited by one discussion each day); more ideas because of the fortune teller; a brand new accessory product – housemaid headband (can be had from gashapon capsules).

Current changes (up to version 1.7.13): upgrade associated with the dinner function: today all meals is drawn with pictures rather than just text. Preferences of each and every girl are now actually taken into consideration and can affect the score you will get following a supper – ensure you order only the the foodstuff your girlfriend likes. Game cafes are rebranded. brand-new accessory things – panda hairpin, rose hairpin, choker; girls will today correctly change towards you once you ask them aside or speak with all of them; a brand new area – college first flooring (much more areas at school will soon be unlocked later); a fresh function – product quests. By doing item quests you are able to acquire unusual items that are accessory. Speak with the schoolgirl within the educational school, and also to neko woman within the sushi cafe.

A brand-new game play video clip exposing now available women.

New revisions: a second ufo catcher machine with pet cushions; brand new areas into the college – second-floor, roof; a fresh relationship spot during the college rooftop; usage of accessory products today impacts the last closeness rating; a brand new accessory item – bell choker (can be acquired via a pursuit). A fresh cool function is included in variation 1.7.24 – kissing mini-game. After some times you can now you will need to ask a woman for the kiss. She’s going to concur if she likes you if you had a perfect date, and. Usually requesting a kiss shall reduce closeness with this woman. Maybe not requesting a kiss once the woman is expecting it will also reduce your rating.

Revisions in version 1.7.26: 25 dialogues that are new Laika. updated subject screen. pages regarding the girls within the primary selection. Recent revisions (up to v.1.7.28): a brand new area and game function – cinema (found close to Sushi Cafe within the premium area). Today you are able to just take a lady to look at a motion picture. 20 dialogues that are new Anette. a brand new accessory product – red flower. can be had at no cost coming from a bush while watching educational school entry. redesign regarding the road location close to the storage space building. most readily useful results are now actually shown when you look at the primary selection. quick access/map teleport today works during times, also. A girl that is new yandere personality is included – Saori. In her going insane and attacking them if you date Saori, her jealousy towards other girls will grow day by day, resulting. In order to avoid that, verify her envy amount can be as reasonable that you can because of the end of each and every day.

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