Guide to Survival: Finding Food in the Woods

One thing you may have noticed while camping is that its either eat, or be eaten. Let’s say all you’ve packed is three cans of beans, a tent, water and safety supplies for your outdoor trip. Unless you ration those three cans you won’t be able to survive for very long if you happen to get lost in the woods. There are, however, a few things you can do to ensure you survive….and thrive! Here is my guide to survival: finding food in the woods.

Food Finding Survival Tips

Know How to Start a Fire

Fire building is essential for making a feast of your own.

Trees are Your Friend

Small trees or old fallen logs are a great way to find your daily protein. Simply split open the small tree/log with a knife or pointed stick and search for yummy, juicy grubs and worms which can be cooked or eaten raw. You MUST get out of your comfort zone if you want to survive in the outdoors.

Can You Climb Trees?

If you answered yes, great! If you answered no…then LEARN. Trees may also have a friend living on them. Birds lay their eggs in nests and occasionally fly off to scavenge for food. While they are away, climb the tree and take some eggs for yourself. They may not taste like grocery store eggs but hey, its FOOD. Also, if your quick and skilled enough, catch a squirrel. Not only does a squirrel taste delicious (I know… I’ve tried) but there’s enough meat to last a day (if you catch a rather plump one).

Berry Yummy

If you are lucky enough to be stranded outdoors in the fruitful months and even luckier to have wild berries growing nearby, you may be able to enjoy the fruits of nature. If you notice a blackberry, blueberry or other well known bush with safe looking berries on it, consider yourself one happy camper!

Do NOT eat just any berry! Some berries are poisonous and could seriously harm you. Even if you see birds eating this unknown berry do not risk it! Animals have adapted to their environment and their systems may not be affected by otherwise deadly berries to us!

Never Eat Mushrooms

Not only do they contain so little nutrient its worthless, but they could potentially be deadly. Even if you are skilled in the ways of the mushroom, DO NOT eat them… end of story.

If There’s a Lake, You’re Having Steak!

Figuratively of course. Chances are you brought a net or knife with you while camping. If you brought a net, then you’re all set. Find a stream and wait. Usually fish won’t even notice you if you’re standing still enough.

If you only have a knife, then make a well. Find large stones and set them in a big semi circle in the shallows, leaving an opening about one foot wide for fish to swim in. The other half of your arc should be connected to the shore. Stand in the circle and wait. Usually curious fish will swim in and not realize they are trapped until you make a move. They wont be able to escape if you block their entrance.

So, there you have it, a basic guide to survival: finding food in the woods. If you truly want to survive and stay healthy, then I suggest you bring plenty of food. This article is not an excuse to bring NOTHING on a camping trip. Trust me, you will be better off bringing food of your own than trying to scavenge for a meal in the woods.

Author: Erin Pearl

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